A time-honoured way to reward 

A successful company is backed by skilled, committed employees. Every now and then it’s good to take a moment to thank them. The Finland Chamber of Commerce’s Medal of Merit is a way to show your appreciation of employees. 

Medals of Merit 

If you want to show your appreciation for an employee and reward them for excellent work 

When are Medals of Merit awarded? 

A Medal of Merit is awarded when you want to show your appreciation for an employee. The award criteria for the various Medals of Merit include length of career, outstanding performance or wanting to reward an employee for other reasons. Check out all the Medals of Merit below! 

Pronssinen ansiomerkki 10
Year Medals

Granted on the basis of length of career in the same company.

Rautainen ansiomerkki
Special Medals

Granted for outstanding performance or long career as an entrepreneur or working for several employers.

Vuoden työntekijä -ansiomerkki
Employee of the Year

Granted for commendable work for the success of the company or the well-being of the work community.

Rautainen ansiomerkki kauppakamarin ratastunnuksella
The Chamber of Commerce’s

Medals of Merit for distinguished individuals in the business community or the Chamber of Commerce.


The Employee of the Year Medal of Merit is for all companies in today’s working life. If your work community has a reason to reward staff for good and successful projects, excellent performance or superb results, apply for the Employee of the Year Medal of Merit and throw a party!   

Apply for a Medal for your employee in recognition 

  • of a successful project 
  • a good project 
  • excellent performance 
  • superb results