Foreign trade documents 

The Chambers of Commerce issue foreign trade documents to companies, such as European Union non-preferential Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnet customs documents, invoice confirmations, force majeure and other special certificates to meet the requirements of trade parties and authorities in the exporting country. 

The Chambers of Commerce streamline companies’ foreign trade with foreign trade documents. The Role of Chambers of Commerce in validating documents has been recognized worldwide. 

How the Chambers of Commerce can serve you: 

  • Certificates of Origin: export-specific document for proof of origin 
  • ATA Carnet: a freight passport that facilitates and simplifies the temporary duty-exemption procedure
  • Document confirmations: invoices, packing lists, price lists, etc. 
  • Special certificates: we meet certification requirements, for example from company management 

Please get in touch: documents to make commerce run smoothly! 

Experts responsible

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Asiantuntija, kansainvälinen kauppa

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Anne Hatanpää


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